Our Campus

Our 15,000+ sf campus is comprised of a large expanse of enclosed play field, a modern, open-air courtyard playground at the center of the school, a second playground is located in our side yard and a two-story schoolhouse. With eight bright, multi-windowed classrooms, meeting rooms, a small library and multiple other public spaces, KBLS divides the school into preschool on the main level and Kids’ B.A.S.E. on the lower courtyard level. We are fully handicapped-accessible, with ramps and an elevator between floors.

Unless weather is inclement or temperatures are below 32 degrees, our students go outside every day. A certified playground safety inspector inspects our playgrounds regularly and all facilities are regularly reviewed for safety.  When weather does not cooperate the children enjoy playing in our modern gym.

The Little School

The Little School classrooms are designed to elicit curiosity and positivity from our students. As Marilou Hyson, PhD (former editor-in-chief of Early Childhood Research Quarterly and former NAEYC Associate Executive Director) says, “[t]he organization of the preschool classroom sends important signals to children about “what there is to do and how to do it”. Research indicates that a well-organized classroom helps children learn and motivates them to interact positively with each other. Classrooms at The Little School are airy, colorful, and divided into carefully planned group gathering and planned interest areas, intermittently broken by child-sized shelving dividers and furniture. These defined areas, a.k.a. interest centers, allow children to play with independence yet be supervised, or to gather in small groups for activities. Every room has a large gathering area for the entire class to meet for circle time, read a book together, or dance and jump.

Items are intentionally structured at a child’s eye-level to engage and invite them. Interest areas include literacy (books and soft reading spots), dramatic play (props and dress-up), blocks with a variety of props, manipulative play materials (beads, puzzles, pegboards, and other construction toys), art, science (interspersed throughout via plants, seeds, and seasonal manipulatives), computers and tablets, and individual cubbies for each child.

Additionally, as the year progresses, the children’s art thematically decorates each room, creating a year-round evolving art gallery of their work to walk through and explore. Our classrooms are designed to be bright and filled with a variety of materials, objects and items for your child to manipulate, explore, snuggle, build, play with, read, and share. Each classroom is intentionally designed to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn about his/her world.

Kids’ B.A.S.E.

Our courtyard level is dedicated space for our Kids’ B.A.S.E. students. Buses arrive directly in front of the entrance so children can safely exit the vehicle and head directly into the building. Rather than formal classrooms, the courtyard floor is designed with an open flow, from a large locker expanse where children can keep their personal effects, to meeting rooms where they can gather for study or small group interaction, to computer stations  and an open area filled with books, blocks, games and puzzles.  In addition, there is a dramatic play center and an area for knock-hockey tables as well as a fully supplied art center.

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