Director’s Corner – Janice Barnes

Director’s Corner for October 2020

Kids’ BASE and The Little School was given the green light to reopen school this fall and I couldn’t be more excited!  The building has been too quiet, I miss the noise from children having fun, seeing friends, and learning new things.  The KBLS administrative team spent the entire summer planning for the day to welcome children back.  Utilizing the guidelines set forth by New York State and countless hours meeting with local resources, representatives from the CDC, Department of Health, and Office of Children and Family Services, we have created a sound, safe reopening plan.

I am confident that we were prepared to welcome back families and students to The Little School.  I will continue to update and change our procedures as new information comes out concerning COVID-19.

The staff is providing as much additional outdoor learning while the weather is cooperative.  The start of school went very smoothly, and we have built a strong partnership with parents to enable the children to return to a much-needed routine and learning experience.

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