Director’s Corner – Janice Barnes

Director’s Corner for September

It always amazes me how quickly time passes.  We need to savor every moment, and not take anything for granted.  Your children are a blessing and will grow so quickly.  It would be nice to slow down time, and keep them at this precious age.  At KBLS we cherish each child, and will take special care of them while they are here with us.

Summer is always an exciting time because it is the time when I can plan new and exciting adventures for the new school year.  This year’s focus will be Social Emotional Growth and STEAM.

We will be introducing a new STEAM curriculum at KBLS, and I will be presenting the program at Back to School Night.  Come and see some of the materials your child will be using this year in their classrooms.

This year we were fortunate to be accepted as a site to implement New York State’s Pyramid Model on Social Emotional Competency.  There are only a select number of schools in Westchester county that are participating in this program and we are one of them.  This program led by a Coach and Leadership Team will help teachers promote social emotional competency in our students.  We will work on emotional maturity, problem solving and how to handle frustration.  Teachers will start by building strong relationships with their students, and giving them the tools to handle all social situations.

Once again, we are excited for this new school year and the many adventures in front of us!  See you soon.

Janice Barnes

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